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First Battalion Union Campaign Club. AL 1864-34

Joe Levine writes in his “Auction Seventy, The Robert Marcus Collection of Lincoln Campaign Tokens” 1 December 2001:

71.131/(479A). LINCOLN – FIRST BATTALION UNION CAMPAIGN CLUB. AL 1864-34. 24.8mm. White Metal. Bright prooflike Uncirculated with a few stray field marks. Holed for Suspension.

Although known to DeWitt, this piece went unrecognized by the Fulds. It is obviously a piece that was issued for the 1864 election. DeWitt notes that ‘This was the reverse intended to accompany this obverse. The preceding piece(s) (Dies 217 and 479) were mulings.’ We now have the odd situation of mulings being listed by Fuld, but not the original business strike!

This piece deserves to be listed as a patriotic and we have assigned it die #479A. Fuld was probably unaware of this variety due to its extreme rarity (2 other piece known to us (the unholed example in our 1999 Centola sale which brought $2420.00 and the one in the Zabriskie collection.)

Adding to the conclusion that this is the business strike use of die 131 is the fact that this variety is known only in one composition (white metal), while the mulings exist in 4 or 5 compositions…

Levine lists three pieces, the plated example in the author’s collection is from the Case Western Reserve University collection via Steve Tanenbaum. There are probably more, hence the R8 listing.

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DeWitt AL 1864-10, 31mm