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These Civil War Tokens all feature a motif or slogan related to the Army as the central design. Slogans such as “Our Army”, “Hero of Pea Ridge”, “Rhode Island First In The Field”, “No Compromise with Traitors” and “I am Ready” are included as well as images of Generals Burnside and Sigel, the “Pilgrim” (perhaps so named for his Pilgrim-like hat), the “Amazon” bare-breasted Miss Liberty advancing into battle, and the Bunker Hill monument erected between 1827 and 1843 on Breed’s Hill in Charleston, MA to commemorate the first major conflict between the Patriot and British armies.

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A 1.1 - Die 333 diagnostic detail

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Type Set Expansion and Related Tokens

There is a tremendous wealth of very beautiful material produced after the Civil  by veteran’s organizations, US, state and local governments, even a large medal for the World’s Columbian Exposition.


A 4 - Strong strike on RI700A-2b R9 NGC 65

Eglit 477 - Libby Prison - transported and reassembled in Chicago!  68.9mm in diameter. (not to scale)

West Virginia Death Medal, uninscribed. 37.2mm in diameter.

Pennsylvania Volunteers Medal, July 4, 1866. 38.4mm in diameter.

Seventeenth Pennsylvania Volunteers Medal, 38.1mm in diameter.

Maj. Gen. Wm. T. Sherman Medal, 30.5mm in diameter.

DeWitt C 1861-13, 24.2mm in diameter.