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These Civil War Tokens all display either “1 Cent” or “1 C” in an attempt to convince the receiver of its value as a money substitute for a government issued cent. There are many other designs that feature a prominent “1” (e.g. KY370Ar, KY480B4r, MA115A, OH165FE2, & WI510AB4r.) These are not included as they are variously for one soda, one glass, one pint, or in the case of MA115A, one unspecified something. As that token is white metal, it would seem a more symbolic than actual value as opposed to the tokens included in this type set where the receiver might consider “pure copper preferable to paper” as espoused on other tokens.

This type set is closely linked to the OC type set which also specifies a value of One Cent with One being spelt out rather than being a numeral.

1c 1 is easily obtained in any desired grade. 1c 2 is harder to find as a nice Unc, but in other conditions is as available as one would expect for an R2. 1c 3, Plum’s card in hard rubber, seems to be generally available but is considerably more expensive than the forgoing.
1c 4, Escherich’s die 521, is quite difficult to find in nice condition and well struck examples on a smooth planchet are worth a considerable premium over other 521. In the last three years my auction records show two 104/521a and four 520/521a sold, but none with as clear a “C” as the plate specimen shown for 1c 4. 520/521a is selected as the best choice as it is somewhat more available and the obverse is the scarce LC 17. 104/521a is more common than R9, some have a substantial cud (see photo at right.) 1c 5, NY 760A-1d, seems positively plentiful for its R7 rating. I’ve recorded ten auction sales and suspect many more than that have changed hands in the last three years. Generally these are available in high grade, AU-55 through MS-65. Besides detail in the quill, look for definition in the decorative flourishes above and below the book. 1c 6, NY 630CF-1g Watson’s T store, is a thick (2.5mm) lead piece which was subject to being beat up. Most have edge and surface bangs and general indications of rough handling. Finding an example free of significant marks is a real accomplishment. 1c 7 is the key to the collectible series, an R8 in copper and an R8 in white metal. The non-collectible member is Ibert’s card, NY 95F-1g currently rated an R9. This is the sole issue from Ibert so it is in demand from those collecting a CWT from each merchant.  I suspect that all known specimens are well entrenched in major collections. When one does appear on the market, expect fierce competition.

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1c 1 - 392-1268 diagnostic detail. Dancet inner circle, arrows.

1c 1 - 393-1269 diagnostic detail. Dancet inner circle, no arrows.

1c 2 - 1270 diagnostic detail. By Jacobus, beaded inner circle.