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These Civil War Tokens all indicate they are medals with a sales price of one cent, essentially implying that accepting the token in change was an agreement to purchase the medal for a price of one cent.

1cM 1, die 396, was badly deteriorated by the time it was used with die 19, the detail in the wreath is quite compromised on all specimens. It’s use with 112 presents a problem with metal flow frequently leading to a weak center strike as is seen in the plate example. In short, finding a really nice example is harder than one would expect for an R1. 1cM 2 & 3 are also fairly common and easy to acquire; however, 1cM 3 (die 395) also tends to have a weak center strike. 1cM 4.1 & 4.2 were clearly made for one another as the obverse legend cleverly ends on the reverse which is a very close copy of the then current government cent reverse.

This set is an excellent one to start with as the tokens are generally accessible even in quite high grade, and there is some challenge in finding well struck early die states.

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